Winter Cabin Canyon

 winter cabin canyon

Winter Cabin Canyon is named after an old cabin found on the trail down to Sycamore Canyon.  I am not going to lie, this canyon is not particularly great.  Maybe it was just our experience, or the time of the year that we did it (temperatures down in Sycamore Canyon were in the mid-90s) but there was very little fun factor involved.  The canyon is scenic, but when compared to others on the Mogollon Rim it pales.  Regardless this is a route worth doing; but just once.  There is zero water in the canyon, and unless you catch Sycamore Canyon in the spring, it will be hot and dry.  The hike out is not particularly fun either.  IF you do this route bring plenty of water and don’t be expecting too much.  Great exercise though and better than watching television!

-> Winter Cabin Canyon – June 7, 2010 <-

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