Wilbur Canyon

wilbur canyon

Wilbur Canyon is my favorite of the tributaries of West Clear Creek.  Formerly known as Carcass Canyon, it was named after a dead elk found within the narrows that made for a very unpleasant experience yet has since washed out.  On topo maps it has been named Wilbur Canyon.  On my first thru trip down West Clear Creek in 2007, this side canyon was starkly obvious and quite intriguing; shortly after we made a trip down it and were blown away.  This technical canyon features some beautiful rappels, the biggest being the first which is around 80 feet or so.  The water is particularly cold in this canyon and the walls let in little if any sun, so come prepared.  The reward is a gorgeous slot canyon that provides beautiful scenery with some exciting and challenging narrows.

-> Wilbur Canyon – July 23, 2007 <-

-> Wilbur Canyon – September 23, 2007 <-

-> Wilbur Canyon – September 13, 2008 <-

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