Wet Beaver Creek

wet beaver creek

This is a non-technical canyon adventure.  Wet Beaver Creek is a great route that offers a haven from the summer heat that often plagues Arizona.  There are probably at least 30 nice pools to swim along the way.  This route requires a car shuttle.  Park one at the lower end at the trailhead for Bell’s Crossing.  Directions to the upper trailhead can be found in detail elsewhere.  Dropping in from the upper trailhead, Waldroup Canyon offers a nice access point just above the spot when Wet Beaver Creek gets interesting.  Waldroup is not particularly interesting, but still nice, and requires some moderate downclimbing.  There is at least one spot in particular that a short rope would be useful to lower packs.  Once in the main canyon, Wet Beaver Creek soon cuts thru the sandstone and multiple springs emerge.  This is a unique, beautiful spot and feeds the rest of the creek.  Follow the flow downstream.  There are no significant obstacles, just some minor climbs, boulder hopping and a whole lot of water.  With a group of two we completed this route in about 11 hours, some groups may want two days to complete this venture.  there are several nice campsites along the way.

->Wet Beaver Creek – August 6, 2011<-

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