West Clear Creek

The lower route described here is a complete thru hike dropping in from the top near the Calloway Trailhead, coming out at Bull Pen Ranch.  We setup a car shuttle beforehand and is highly suggested.  We completed this hike in three days, which was much too fast in my opinion as each day was a complete day of hiking and dire struggle.  And keep in mind, this is not your typical hiking; most of the time is spent in the creek itself, tripping over rocks and sliding all over the place due to the slickness of the creek bottom.  Ankle injuries are a high possibility on this route and thus a minimum of 4 days would be recommended so you don’t have to rush so much.  The route itself is quite simple; just hike, swim, float, wade, scramble, trip, splash, and curse your way downstream.  There are many outstanding campsite along the way, however they do become less frequent in the middle sections.  Everything will have to be in drybags since you have no option but to swim a majority of the time and often is the path of least resistance.  Though the pain and punishment you will receive on this route is very high, it is a fantastic, rugged adventure into some remote and little visited back-country.

-> West Clear Creek (Upper) – September 31, 2008 <-

-> West Clear Creek (Lower) – July 6, 2007 <-

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