Weaver’s Needle

weavers needleFor once we choose to go up; to climb a hill, bag the peak, mainly because it is there, for what better reason could you need?   Indeed, Weaver’s Needle begs you to notice it, it beckons you to climb it, it dares you to try.  From any angle this is an incredible piece of rock and dominates its surroundings.  I am by no means a competent climber but Weaver’s Needle is a fairly simple and basic technical climb with two short pitches.   We typically have camped at a nice campsite right at the southern base of the needle, right near the first pitch.  The first one is the hardest and our approach from the east side allows no protection in case of fall for the first climber, but is technically easier than the other route from the west side.  From this point on, your primary mission in life is to scramble your way to the final pitch at the base of a highly exposed but easy climb.  In between the two climbs a short, minor move is required, in which you may want a spot or belay.  The final pitch near the top is quite easy but very airy as you have a huge drop below you and can see in most directions for over 30 miles.  For those who wish to add to the adventure there are a few small campsites that have been cleared out, and can house a 6-8 people.   When your mind has been blown return the way you came, rigging rappels when needed, and be very carefully of rockfall on the way back down.  We have done this as a two day trip all three times and turns this into a great adventure with a primo camp spot.

-> Weaver’s Needle – January 9, 2009 <-

-> Weaver’s Needle – February 6, 2010 <-

-> Weaver’s Needle – March 1, 2011 <-

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