Waterholes Canyon


This is one of my favorite canyons in the southwest and has been, by far, my most frequented.  Depending on your skill level and how much time you have to burn there are three great routes to choose from.  The upper canyon is a nontechnical hike with narrows that are similar to those of its friend Antelope Canyon.  The middle route is a beautiful and technically fairly easy adventure that will take you 6 hours at a slow pace.  The lower section is a completely different adventure involving a big wall rappel to navigate along with some spicy traverses, downclimbs, and a final packraft exit.  With its proximity to Page and its legal status, as well as its ease of access via highway 89, this is a fantastic route by any standards.  The middle route features four great rappels before taking a steep ledge and climb up and out of the canyon.  The lower section takes it all the way until it joins the Colorado River and Glen Canyon, but not before plunging over 300 feet in a big wall rappel.  The photos below are some of my best times spent with some great company.

-> Waterholes Canyon (Lower) – March 2, 2009 <-

-> Waterholes Canyon (Middle) – January 15, 2005 <-

-> Waterholes Canyon (Middle) – September 2, 2006 <-

-> Waterholes Canyon (Middle) – January 15, 2007 <-

-> Waterholes Canyon (Middle) – March 11, 2007 <-

-> Waterholes Canyon (Middle) – February 16, 2008 <-

-> Waterholes Canyon (Middle) – January 31, 2009 <-

-> Waterholes Canyon (Middle) – April 11, 2010 <-

-> Waterholes Canyon (Upper) –  April 1, 2010 <-

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