Waimanu Valley


Waimanu is one of those places that leaves you in a state of wonder, and is a feeling that only grows as you leave.  The bottom of this valley isnt even overly difficult to reach; it require a 9 mile, one way hike that takes you across terrain equally beautiful to Waimanu Valley itself.  There is quite a bit of elevation loss and gain but is not an extremely strenuous trail.  Thus, it is a fairly popular destination and you are very likely to be sharing this campsite with other people.  Permits are technically required and there are many beautiful campsites, along with two out houses.  Also, keep in mind, that a creek crossing is required to gain access to the campground and was just about waist deep when we were her, however a large rope suspended over the river will aid you if you happen to have a carabiner to clip a pack to.  I would highly recommend spending at least two nights here.  Our trip of 5 days, 4 nights was perfect and allowed time to explore several of the waterfalls in Waimanu Valley.  Come prepared to filter or treat the water.  The so called spring is in reality a small creek of sorts.  Mango and orange trees can be found within the valley if you look for them, depending on the season of course.  Enjoy, and treat this valley with the respect it deserves.

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