Waikaumalo Creek


Waikaumalo Creek is a classic technical adventure and offers easy entry and exit options.  As well, it is a manageable day which should take you between 6-9 hours.  Starting from your car park at the lower end of the canyon, you make your way up the steep road to your drop in point higher up the mountain.  Once in the creek it wastes no time getting technical.  There are two forks to this route which converge half a mile down creek.  They both have 3 rappels to make it to the confluence.  The south fork is the better of the two and enters a very nice but short slot canyon before the junction.  The North has two bigger rappels that make it worthwhile as well.  From the confluence of the two, the fun continues as you face many pools to jump and rappel.  The biggest one you will face is around 70 feet.  There are some bigger jumps as the pool depths allow it, and if you feel confident in the jumping department.  As usual, check the depth before you jump to ensure the pool is deep enough.  As far as route go on the Big Island, this is one of the best all around, offering you a phenomenal day of adventure while not scaring the shit out of you too much.

 -> Waikaumalo Creek (North Fork) – September 15, 2012 <-

-> Waikaumalo Creek (South Fork) – May 19, 2012 <-

-> Waikaumalo Creek (South Fork) – July 17, 2014 <-

->Waikaumalo Creek (South Fork) – November 7, 2014 <-

-> Waikaumalo Creek (South Fork) – April 2, 2015 <-