The rivers of central and southern Utah are like blood flowing through the veins of life force.  Water is a rarity around these parts so when you find such a high concentration of a precious resource like this, a high level of awesomeness coincides with it.  The routes presented below are each different and unique, offering varying levels of technical difficulty and overall days and miles on the river.

Desolation Canyon

The run down Desolation and Gray Canyons of the Green River is another classic run thru some great whitewater and wilderness.  Permits can be difficult to obtain, but for good reason.  It features several exciting but not overly difficult rapids, the main attraction being Joe Hutch Rapid which is pretty hectic at high water like


Escalante River

The Escalante River is where legends are born.  Like a wild eyed wanderer it strays to and fro, like a lost drunkard, on its eventual terminus in the insulting travesty that they call Lake Powell.  Yet on its course, it weaves its way through the desert, creating magic as it goes.  Some of the most


Gates of Lodore

Even the name is epic.  The Gates of Lodore is the common name for a remote and spectacular gorge that the Green River has carved early in its quest to join with the Colorado River much further down the road.  It also has quite the reputation.  In my opinion, this section of river is not


Labryinth Canyon

This the second stretch of a 34 day trip I did with some friends down the Green River, as we resupplied and had to portage in Moab, Utah.  Labrynth canyon is a class zero run and quite honestly isn’t incredibly exciting, but is a nice river nonetheless.  Good times, lots of whiskey, guitars, etc. –


San Juan River

The page lists both the upper and lower canyons of the San Juan River as it gathers force from its source en route to a unfortunate ending at the stagnant water of Lake Powell.  On its way, it forms a beautiful gorge with some very fun and not incredibly difficult rapids.  We swam most of


Stillwater Canyon

Calling this a ‘rafting’ trip is a bit of a misnomer.  There are no rapids at all, hence the name Stillwater.  Nonetheless, this is the desert at its best and highlights what Canyonlands National Park and the surround terrain is all about.  We completed this stretch as the bigger part of a 34 day river