Umauma Creek

umauma creek

Though not particularly narrow by any means, Umauma Creek offers you many beautiful waterfalls with relative technical ease.  We hit three solid drops up to 90 feet though there are many downclimbs and jumps along the way.  Like many other canyons in the area, the final section of the creek before it ultimately drains into the ocean is very exciting with two solid drops in quick succession.  A word of warning however, Umauma is one of the biggest drainages along the hamakua coast and the flow can get pretty big.  Fortunately however much of it can be avoided by staying to the left or right of the main creek.  Though we took this route all the way up from the Euclyptus groves, the route just below the old highway and the ocean is a fantastic route and would be a great, 3 hour route, and where a majority of the action is in Umauma Creek.

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