The Author

eric leifer

Name: Eric Matthew Leifer

Born: May 13th, 1986

Birthplace: Anaheim, California

Current Location: Hilo, Hawaii

Contact: eric (at) canyonchronicles (dot) com

canyonchronicles (at) gmail (dot) com

How do you tell a story that is still being written?  This is always the dilemma I have whenever I begin to contemplate a simple way to describe both myself and my current position in life, such as the autobiography that should be inserted here.  Perhaps that is why I always feel something is missing whenever I reflect upon these writings.  I could try to begin in a contemporary fashion stating my age, religion, hometown, job, what I like to do on weekends or my favorite television shows and movies.  But the more you know about me (which you have probably gotten a good sense of after simply reading the last four sentences) you will soon realize I do not follow the normal trend of the American society and thus it is difficult to answer this question in a typical fashion.  I have this interesting habit of following exactly what my heart tells me to do, often blindly and into that mysterious and wonderful space referred to as the unknown, the unseen, an insecure and often unpredictable place where logic and reasoning are thrown to the wind in favor of happiness, desire or sheer curiosity; or perhaps it is in favor of that innate and funky thing called intuition, all too often denied and suppressed, that leads me to make the decisions in life that have led me down the road I am on today.  Regardless I aim to live a life of no regrets, a life where the line between work and vacation is blurred; for this implies that you live two lives.  One you escape from and the other you escape to.  I strongly believe that if you follow your passion that everything will fall into place accordingly, for this is the ultimate aim and desire of every single molecule of our existence and every fiber of our being.  The universe will then conspire to fit itself around you.  It always has and always will, for there is absolutely nothing more powerful in this world than an individual with a purpose.

I prefer stars over roofs.  I seek perspective over possessions.  I choose love over hate.  I crave space over cities.  I value time over money.  I drink whiskey over wine.  I build bridges over boundaries.  I watch sunsets over television.  I see hope through the darkness.  I find comfort in unease.  I wander to get lost.  I get lost to be found.  I accept truth over perception.  I create a path beyond fate.  I take less than I need.  I seek what I doubt.  I am more than I know.  I know far less than I think.