Tenaya Canyon

tenaya canyon

This is a bit of an oddball route on this website, since it is simply in a different location and different style than most canyons I have done.  Regardless, Tenaya Canyon, located within Yosemite National Park, is a serious route that is not to be taken lightly.  The approach is rather easy as you come from Tuolomne Meadows, you simply route find into the canyon which is incredibly easy walking for the most part.  You will come upon the lost valley, which has a weird air to it, something about that place struck me as odd.  Shortly afterwards the ground will drop off and you will be faced with a huge traverse and careful routefinding is needed to gain yourself access to the inner gorge.  Christopher Brennan has a great description of this traverse down to the bottom and is what I followed and made it down, though with some significant exposure.  Once the creek bottom is gained, you will have 2-4 rappels in the narrows which is the best part of this route.  Once the narrows end, it is a long and very tedious slog out to the valley floor.

-> Tenaya Canyon – August 22, 2006 <-

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