Tatahatso Canyon


The Grand Canyon is a formidable challenge in any regards and the slot canyons within its walls are no exception.  Tatahatso Canyon is a rough and difficult route that will take you two days to complete.  It is an amazing loop that starts – and ends – with the Eminence Break, an old fault line that is conveniently placed in this route.  The canyon itself is not incredibly technically challenging but does have numerous rappels and some minor water at normal conditions.  Once the river is attained, a packraft style escape is required and a 6 mile run down to the Eminence Break exit awaits.  There are a few unnamed riffles to be aware of before you reach President Harding Rapid, which is easily portaged.  It is quite the fun run and is easy as long as you line it up correctly.  The exit up the Eminence Break is one of the more unpleasant experiences you will likely have in your life, as the route gains elevation incredibly fast and gets steeper and steeper as you approach the rim.  This route has a high price of admission but is worth its weight considerably.

-> Tatahatso Canyon – September 25, 2010 <-

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