Sundance Canyon

sundance canyon

Sundance Canyon really packs a punch.  For how short and easy this route is, you really get alot of action in.  The fun to work ratio on this route is off the charts.  From the car park, it is a short 10 minute romp down the hill to the bottom of the canyon, where the fun starts almost immediately.  The canyon quickly drops into a nice slot canyon.  Enjoy it while it lasts; it is very short and you will be atop the finale before you know it.  A short rappel, a jump or slide, a couple shorter drops and before you know it a massive drop off will lie right below you.  Sundance Canyon ends in a dramatic, 180 foot cliff into one of the most beautiful alcoves on the Mogollon Rim.  The majority of this rappel is free hanging.  Enjoy the beauty of what we have named the Temple.  A stroll downstream will quickly bring you to th Confluence of West Clear Creek, and your exit trail is just downstream.   Make sure not to miss the exit on canyon left.  The trail is not incredibly obvious.  Here you earn your fun with a short, steep, brutal hike up and out the side of West Clear Creek.  The whole route will take you 2-5 hours.

->Sundance Canyon – June 3, 2008 <-

->Sundance Canyon – June 3, 2010 <-

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