Shinumo Wash


Shinumo Wash, also known as Silver Grotto, has become one of the trade routes within Grand Canyon National Park fore its relative ease of access compared to other routes in the area.  The narrows of the appropriately named Silver Grotto is an outstanding section of pools and polished walls tucked amongst soaring walls.  The drive to the trailhead is across the Navajo Reservation and has its own entire set of logistical challenges as well as driving directions as this roads in the area more resemble a maze than anything else.  To add the the quality of this route, a short but easy packraft down the Colorado River to the exit via the Fence Fault Route makes this trip a real winner.  It is common to camp at a nice but small beach at the base of the route and hike out the following morning.

-> Shinumo Wash – September 18, 2010 <-

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