Shamrock Canyon

shamrock canyon

This is yet another short tributary of West Clear Creek.  Shamrock Canyon is probably my least favorite of any of the canyons draining into West Clear Creek but presents a nice wilderness route regardless.  As well, the narrows in the canyon are quite nice, but far too short.  To add a little spice to the route you have the option of tackling a keeper pothole if you find the canyon in low water conditions; it is located near the bottom of the final rappel.  Though it looks like a good challenge, it is relatively easily avoided by rappelling to the right of it without too much difficulty.  Either way it is good to at least come prepared to deal with it in the case you cannot complete this maneuver.  Once down to West Clear Creek you follow it downstream to one of a couple exit options.  The common route is to take the second minor tributary on the creek’s left up and out of the canyon, though I have taken the first one as well without too much issue.

->Shamrock Canyon – July 19, 2008<-

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