San Juan River

san juan river

The page lists both the upper and lower canyons of the San Juan River as it gathers force from its source en route to a unfortunate ending at the stagnant water of Lake Powell.  On its way, it forms a beautiful gorge with some very fun and not incredibly difficult rapids.  We swam most of the river on this trip.  Permits, like just about any other river in the southwest are required, and can be very difficult to get for the lower gorge beneath Mexican Hat to the takeout at Clay Hills.  The biggest rapid will be class 3 on a rough day, and will be the most difficult at low water.  Otherwise it is an easy run.  The trips listed below are upper and lower; upper being from Sand Island to Mexican hat and lower being from Mexican Hat to Clay hills.

-> San Juan River (Upper) – May 28, 2008 <-

-> San Juan River (Lower) – June 30, 2009 <-

-> San Juan River (Upper) – May 17, 2011 <-

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