Salt River

salt river

Like the blood of the desert, the Salt River is truly a remarkable stretch of river and holds the title of my favorite whitewater run.  This run is much different than any others and the character of the rapids are unique.  It is technical over big and scary, as this route will test even the most competent of boaters.  I have still never flipped a raft (yet) but came very, very close on this trip.  Highsiding saved us.  As well, it is fairly common to get your raft stuck, as we did many times.  Even at high spring runoff this is a shallow, rocky and technical run.  Your big rapids are Black Rock, Eye of the Needle, Corkscrew and of course Quartzite Falls, which is a particularly steep and scary drop.  Though don’t get caught sleeping though because there are many other rapids that will ruin you if not paying attention.

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