Rubio Canyon


From what my memory recalls, Rubio Canyon was a fairly mediocre route with at least one solid rappel down a narrow, fluted and smooth chute which is similar in character to the Great Falls of the Fox, but, um, not quite as great.  It does have some interesting history of a bulldozer or something causing a landslide that filled in a majority of the canyon, which is highlighted on Brennan’s site.  This was a rout I did many years ago in the early stages of my canyoneering career and thus my perception of the difficulty and awesomeness level of this route is now highly skewed.  This is why I love photography; the photos never forget, and can tell the story long after you have forgotten the details.  So enjoy the photos and take then for what they are and be safe out there.

-> Rubio Canyon – December 17, 2006 <-

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