Pine Canyon


Pine Canyon is one of those routes that is, really, not very good.  It does have a few nice drops and some decent scenery, and does beat a day of watching television or being stuck in a city, but as far as canyon routes go this one is one to do once and check it off the list.  For how much boring hiking and rock hopping you do the canyon itself is more of a wide valley.  There are a few drops including a nice one around 160 feet, but again this canyon never gets very narrow or particularly until the very end, when you hit a small chockstone drop into a mini set of narrows.  It ends all too fast and you are faced with several hours of suffering, hill climbing, and cursing.  The trail is nice at least.  We did the latter part of the exit hike under a nice moon which was probably the highlight of the entire route.  Take this report with a grain of salt, but don’t come expecting too much.

-> Pine Canyon – January 18, 2011 <-