Nanue Creek

nanue creek

Nanue Creek is one of the classic routes on the Hamakua Coast.  There are numerous sections of the canyon that are very exciting.  Though it never really seems to enter a gorge or form any narrows, the rappels in the canyon are first class and there are several opportunities to show off your jumping skills.  The biggest drop of the canyon weighs in at 125 feet and you will be faced with about a dozen significant drops.  There problem with this route, however, lies in the fact that it is flanked by private property.  If you choose to attempt this route, it would be advised to either find a better route than we did, or go and ask the property owners ahead of time like we did.  This canyon is similar to its sister canyon, Waikaumalo, which lies just on the other ridge.  Nanue Creek is the big brother of the two, and offers a step up in technical difficulty in comparison to Waikaumalo.

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