Mana Creek


 In all my years as an explorer and adventurer I have never seen a route as unique and incredible as what is contained within the depths of Mana Creek.  This is a world class canyon with unprecedented scenery.  Yet the experience does not come easily; the price of admission on this one is particularly high.  Access is nearly impossible and it took us almost two months of fruitless searching to finally locate a suitable route into the canyon.  If you do happen to find a way to the creek bottom you will be faced with a number of technical challenges and a ticking clock to push the technical section in a single day. 19 rappels up to 220 feet and numerous sketchy down climbs, jumps, and anchor problems present a challenge to even the most experienced of adventurers.  We completed the entire route in 51 hours.  This canyon does not fuck around so come prepared.  The reward is beyond words; it is the closest thing to perfection you will ever see.  This is the highlight of canyoneering in Hawaii and currently holds the title for the most incredible place I have ever seen in my life.


-> Mana Creek – October 20, 2012 <-