Maili Creek

maili creek

Maili Creek is another nice route on the Hamakua Coast.  It has only two rappels but they are both quite nice.  The first one is about 90 feet and the last is around 50 feet or so.  This canyon has a great access point in the form of a county road, and the exit really isn’t too bad either and is a typical steep bushwhack up the side of the canyon a few hundred yards from the final rappel.  After rappel 1, the canyon enters a short section of narrows that you will need to bypass in high water, which is done fairly easily by blazing a trail on the right thru the thick brush then either down climbing, or better yet, rigging a short drop off of one of the million trees in the area to regain the canyon bottom.  All in all, it should take your 3-6 hours to complete this route.  This is one of the closest technical routes to the city of Hilo and is a short but sweet route.  Maili Creek has a particularly large drainage area and can see some very high flows.  As a result, this canyons should be flowing nicely even in dry conditions.

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