Salome Creek (Lower)

jug salome creek

Also known as the Jug, this is nature’s water park.  The jug is an easy, one drop canyon that under appropriate flows can be a fantastic romp.  If the flow is too high then it is not passable and can turn an easy trip into a dangerous one.  Access to this route is rather easy but will require a high clearance vehicle for the creek crossings to reach the trailhead.  Pretty self explanatory once you get in the canyon.  There are many, many other sources of beta for this route and nowadays you are likely to find this place overcrowded.  The last several years this place has seen a huge increase in travel as commercial guiding companies have targeted the Jug given its proximity to the Phoenix Metropolitan area.  I have been hearing reports, as of 2013, of 50+ people in the canyon at a time causing a huge backup and line at the one 25 foot drop near the end of the route.  Oh, the irony…nature’s waterpark is becoming exactly that.

-> Salome Creek (Lower) – October 22, 2006 <-

-> Salome Creek (Lower) – April 27, 2008 <-

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