Kilau Creek


This is a 6 hour route down a Kilau Creek that will drop you out at Lapahoehoe Point.  If this route were to be hit during the wet season it would end up being a beautiful route with waterfalls up to 115 feet.  Unfortunately, on our descent, this thing was running bone dry and the 6 rappels were more of mossy walls than anything.  Part of the world of exploratory canyon is you don’t quite know what you’re gonna get.  In this case, it is a not incredibly interesting route down a dry and boulder filled canyon.  However, under wetter conditions, this would be a fantastic route with some big waterfalls and overall does drop alot of elevation from the drop in point.  We hit 6 total drops, though under wetter conditions this would turn into more like 8-10 since it was so dry we were able to downclimb many drops.  Natural anchors were particularly abundant on this route.

-> Kilau Creek – May 25, 2013 <-

-> Kilau Creek – April 3,2015 <-