Canister Canyon? Register Creek?

Luth on the floss of the big drop in Insomnia Canyon. Insomnia Canyon’s 340 foot rappel.

There are some canyons that were never really meant to be found.  Their beauties unparalleled, the challenges great.  The experience so immense that it leaves you in a sort of daze for almost a week.  Impossible to fully appreciate and incredibly difficult to put into words.  Photography falters on every level; memories of it seem more like distant dreams.  This is one of those canyons.

Illusions and Insomnia Canyon are like two peas in a pod.  Sister canyons, related by blood and tributaries of each other.  They are both equally unique.  Other canyons on the Mogollon Rim hint at this type of beauty but none of them even come close to these two.

For years they have been shrouded in secrecy, no more than a vague rumor or wild myth.  Those who ‘found’ them wanted to keep them for themselves, quite selfish in my opinion, not to share such a beautiful place.  An attempt at justification is used, such as they are a unique and fragile environment that can be damaged by frequent travel.  Bullshit.  What about every other single canyon, do they not deserve the same treatment?  I originally gave into their rules and requests but have begun to realize how ridiculous it is.  Almost every slot on the Mogollon Rim now has a nicely labeled canyon register, clearly stating who descended it first, when they did it and requesting you to sign in.  Pen and paper provided.  The entire Mogollon Rim was once a well guarded secret but is now available on for anyone with $19.95 and a shipping address.  Is that how much these canyons are really worth?  The hypocrites show their true feathers when it really comes down to it.

These canyons belong to all of us. A single person cannot claim rights to them.  They are there for those who seek it.  What rights do any of us have to deny our brothers and sisters of something so beautiful?

They are on public land, am I mistaken?

My two cents.