Illusions Canyon

illusions canyon

—UPDATE: The Slide Fire of May 2014 will significantly affect the future access and hydrology of Illusions Canyon.  Plan accordingly—

Ahhh, the one and only.  The story of Illusions Canyon is a legend in its own regard; With a first known descent in 2007, this slot canyon was immediately regarded as one of the best in the state of Arizona.  Todd Martin and company claimed the first descent and put countless hours of hard work into this route, and for that they earn the ultimate props for Illusions Canyon, the fathers and the secret keepers.  With over a dozen beautiful drops, countless soaring hallways and the deepest slot canyon on the Mogollon Rim it is in a class of its own.  Other canyons in the area hint at the perfection that is found in Illusions but none of them come even remotely close.  I will not provide any detailed beta because, in my opinion, this takes the fun out of it.  Just come prepared for rappels up to 120 feet and potential keeper potholes.  Not only physically and technically; but mentally and spiritually.  The beauty contained within the walls of Illusions Canyon can turn even the biggest skeptic, the greatest heathen into a devout believer.  In the right conditions, Illusions Canyon is like a wild dream. Yet in for the unprepared this canyon can resemble something out of a nightmare.  In low water conditions, many of the pools turn into keeper potholes and can be a formidable challenge for even experienced canyoneers.  In the word of Mr. Martin: You have been warned.  Have a nice day! 🙂

-> Illusions Canyon – September 1, 2008 <-

-> Illusions Canyon – August 3, 2009 <-

-> Illusions Canyon – June 18, 2011 <-


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