Honili’i Creek (Upper)

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Much of this route down the Honili’i River can be jumped, and will include nearly a dozen jumps of various size.  However, several of them will likely require ropes for a majority of crews.  This is a long, strenuous trip with one of the most lengthy total distance covered by any route on the Hamakua Coast.  The creek consist of a box canyon, with the canyon intermittently entering narrow sections, however stays wide for a majority of the route.  There are some pretty amazing jumps in Honili’i as well as a few spectacular, large waterfalls.  The route described here bail out thru the eucalytpus groves about halfway down above a drop named Wailae.  Come prepared for a 12 hour day and a very sore body the following week.  This is grueling route a plethora of slippery rocks and long pools to swim.  For the description of the lower section of Honili’i, return to the main hawaii page.