Heaps Canyon

heaps canyon

Well known to be one of the most difficult and challenging canyons in Zion National Park, if not the Colorado Plateau, Heaps Canyon indeed comes with a level of commitment that is higher than many of the routes listed on this site.  When you add the final sequence of rappels, which total nearly 570 feet, then you have the formula for a truly dangerous route.  Many years later I can now reflect and take in the events that happened that fateful night, when the final member of our party fell to his death on the final stage of the exit sequence.  Regardless of the events that happened that night, which I can recall quite easily, the sport of canyoneering is one that does not come without its risks.  When you combine heights and ropes and human error and fatigue and a whole array of other possible logistical issues in a dynamic environment this sport does come with its risks.  Keith was one of the casualties of this combination.  It is part of the waiver you sign and must accept when heading out into the backcountry.  Shit happens.  People fuck up.  Anchors fail.  Ropes snap.  I for one would rather die in a glorious freefall, doing something I love in a place that few people ever get to see, then later in life in a hospital bed.  They say you only live once, make the most of it.

Drive fast.  Take Chances.  Make mistakes.  Bag the peaks.   Run the rivers.  Enjoy life.

-> Heaps Canyon – June 4, 2007 <-



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