Havasu Creek


This is a place that is more appropriate for a child’s wild and wandering mind.  Havasu Creek is one of those places that really can change your life.  There is something about this place, call it magic or spirit or god or jeebus or whatever you would like, but there is something special going on down here.  Though the entire Grand Canyon is a sacred location amongst any seasoned adventurer, the waters of Havasu are one of a kind.  Caused by dissolved calcium carbonate in the water, Havasu flows blue.  At first glance you may think that there is a gatorade plant not too far away given the incredible color of it.  The true wonder is further down canyon, as you trace this creek to some of the most inspiring waterfalls imaginable.  The tragic part of this, not surprisingly, is the sheer volume of people that flock from around the world to see it.  I do not blame them in the slightest degree.  But I do believe that an area loses its wilderness feeling when you are surrounded by over 100 people packed in a tight quarters camp and there is a helicopter pad not too far away and a place to buy beer and ice cream and post cards.  Alas, such is the problem with areas such as this which are accessible by the masses, but surely I digress.  Take Havasu for what it is nowadays.  A word of advice:  hit this place in the middle of the winter, then you will gain the solitude that can truly make this a special experience.

The photos from 2008 are from before the major floods that altered the main Havasu Falls and took out another.  Enjoy what can only be seen in photographs nowadays.

-> Havasu Creek – January 9, 2008 <-

-> Havasu Creek – January 2, 2010 <-



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