Haole Creek


Unnamed on maps, this creek is commonly passed by hundreds of tourists every single day thru Akaka Falls State Park.  This route is a great but rough loop that takes you down three beautiful waterfalls to the junction with Kolekole Creek.  From here, a steep scramble and bushwhack gains you back to the trail.  But one of the true beauties of this route is the alcove that is just upstream from where Haole Creek drops into Kolekole.  Kahuna Falls can be seen from below, crashing more than 300 feet to this junction.  As well, the same water that falls over Akaka Falls plunges into an outstanding grotto over a 40 foot chute.  You gain five outstanding waterfalls on this route for a relatively cheap price of admission.  The route back to the rim is steep and tough and gains elevation very quickly but does require some level of sketchiness and clinging to guava trees and random bushes to pull yourself up.

->Haole Creek – May 12, 2013