Salome Creek (Upper)


The common name of this route is Grotto Pool.  This the same creek that flows thru the much more well known Jug, but at a higher elevation.  It offers a huge step up in access, technicality, and commitment.  It is also a much longer route and will require either one very long day (like we did) or, more ideally, two days.  There are many parts of this route that make it one of the best in the area, but you end up paying for it at the end as you escape via a very unpleasant route directly up Workman Creek.  If I remember correctly we completed this entire route in a brutal 16 hour day.  Along the way there are countless pools to swim and jump, a natural arch to rappel thru, and an opportunity or two for a slide.  More information is available elsewhere, though I did draw up a basic map of the route below.

-> Salome Creek (Upper) –  March 23, 2008 <-

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