Desolation Canyon

desolation canyon

The run down Desolation and Gray Canyons of the Green River is another classic run thru some great whitewater and wilderness.  Permits can be difficult to obtain, but for good reason.  It features several exciting but not overly difficult rapids, the main attraction being Joe Hutch Rapid which is pretty hectic at high water like when we hit it at 30,000 feet.  It resembles the big runs that you will find in Grand Canyon.  Word of warning however: the mosquitoes at the put in are absolutely unreal.  It is the closest thing to hell on Earth I have seen.  I have run Deso twice and they were horrendous both times.

-> Desolation Canyon – July 11, 2011 <-

-> Desolation Canyon – July 8, 2005 <-