Deer Creek Narrows


Though the narrows itself are short, this is a spectacular route located deep within Grand Canyon.  As of June 2012, this route has now been closed by the Park and is no longer a legal canyoneering route.  Quite the shame, but it is what it is.  These photos were taken from a descent in 2008, and will serve as documentation in case it is one day re-opened.  Not surprisingly, I do not agree with this decision, and is a classic example of the poor and seemingly crooked management of our lands, denying tax paying citizens access to a piece of their public land.  As stated, the primary reason for the closure is to “protect a significant cultural resource.”  This canyon has been regularly visited for the previous 60+ years with very little impact and no prior “cultural significance”…oh well.  Enjoy the photos at least.

->Deer Creek Narrows –  June 20, 2008