Grand Canyon (Upper)


A prized jewel amongst any season rafter, the Colorado River thru Grand Canyon is the adventure of a lifetime.  It is the river of all rivers.  The Canyon of all canyons.  The chasm that defines the word.  This is the adventure of a lifetime and will humble the most seasoned of world travelers.  I believe every person who safely travels these waters leaves a small piece of themselves behind, beckoning them to come back one day.  Some of the biggest whitewater in the world will scare and challenge any whitewater enthusiast.  I could write a book on the incredible beauty of this place and have done my best to capture its essence on the photo set listed below, yet come far short of the true magnitude and scale of the whole thing.  We spent 16 days floating the river from Lee’s Ferry to Diamond Creek, and has been by far the most awe inspiring piece of whitewater I have had the privilege to row a boat down.

-> Colorado River – May 23, 2009 <-