Buckskin Gulch


So first of all, this is technically in Utah.  I am including it in this region for a lack of a better category.  Regardless of  the imaginary lines and boundaries drawn across a limitless landscape by the human race, Buckskin Gulch is the grandfather of all slot canyons.  It is the longest continuous slot in the world and is an epic, dramatic adventure no matter how much experience you have.  Hell, I’ve done this hike 5 times and it is still challenging and relentless.  Though non-technical, it still manages to be a formidable route.  Typically, there are countless cold, deep, muddy pools to wade and depending on conditions a few to swim.  Keep your feet moving, this is a difficult route to do in a day and you will likely need every hour of daylight.  Do not get caught in these narrows overnight as there are zero suitable campsites until you near the junction with Paria Canyon.  As well, it is ABSOLUTELY critical to make certain there is ZERO chance of rain anywhere in the region.  Buckskin Gulch has a long reaching drainage area and a flash flood in this canyon would prove fatal.  you have a number of route options with this one.  It is a great way to start out a thru hike of Paria Canyon.  It is also a great two day adventure, or if you really push it, it can be done in a single day but I would certainly not recommend this option, as I speak from experience.  Permits are necessary as well and can be obtained via the BLM’s permit system.

->Buckskin Gulch – May 1, 2005 <-

-> Buckskin Gulch – May 6, 2006 <-

-> Buckskin Gulch – March 19, 2007 <-

-> Buckskin Gulch – December 13, 2008 <-

-> Buckskin Gulch – March 17, 2009 <-


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