The Beta

IMG_9056()I suppose this is the official disclaimer and waiver of the information provided on this website.  Please read.

The information provided on this website is not intended to be the sole guiding information for any of the adventures listed here.  Instead, they are only listed and intended to be used as a reference and an opinionated perspective of each particular route.  I do my best, obviously, to ensure that any information listed is as accurate as possible; however, viewer discretion and interpretation is required.  Conditions and routes change frequently and may or may not be accurate now.  Thus, the date is accompanied by each photo set to show when I completed each route.  Let this be the official disclaimer, for surely I am not responsible for your demise if you get lost.  Part of the price of admission on any of these routes is being prepared and self-reliant.  Do not come equipped for the minimum.  Come prepared for unforeseen challenges, obstacles, and consequences.  I purposely made many of these description vague for a reason, as again, they are NOT intended to be used as your primary beta and route description.

As well, if a map of the route is provided, it is not guaranteed to be entirely and precisely accurate.  Instead, the maps are intended to be used as reference and help you figure out where you need to go.  These maps are certainly not intended to be used for navigation while in the outdoors.  They are, however, useful for your overall trip planning and logistics.  I have marked the approximate route and useful points of interest or important notes.  Again, these are all approximate.  The cordiantes were not taken in the field.  More than likely the point I dropped on the map will be inaccurate to its real and exact location in the real world.  Thus, these maps must NOT be used for navigation while in the backcountry or on a GPS.