Antelope Canyon

antelope canyon

Antelope Canyon is the most widely known and visited slot canyon of the American Southwest. Though it is definitely not the most spectacular of the region, it has become widely popular amongst tourists and guides alike for it ease of access, proximity to Page and its sheer beauty. Most Navajo slot canyons are off limits so this one gives you a great taste of the magic that sandstone, water, and time can create. There are many options as far as guides for this tour, pick your poison. Either way you will be traveling to this canyon with alot of other people. However, if you do go during the winter months (December to March) you will have a much lower chance of seeing hordes of people. We were a group of 5 total on this trip and had the pleasure of seeing this beautiful place in general solitude.

-> Antelope Canyon – January 9, 2007 <-