Desolation Canyon - July 11-19, 2011

Welcome to the shit show...
Quite the lightning show on our final night. 14 hour drive the put in, brutal! Crowded launch. IMG 6526 IMG 6535 Dark skies. Imminent storm.  Rained hard for the next several hours. Amazing sunset.
Accompanied by a rainbow. IMG 6614 Camp, morning of day 2. IMG 6644 IMG 6649 More rain... IMG 6656 IMG 6667
Epic skies. IMG 6677 Miss! IMG 6709 Patching and a forced layover. Matt doing the honors. Jake and I go on a summit quest.  Summit: attained. Ken and the kitchen.
One of those days... Jake. Guitar (in open E) and fire. Full moon. Petroglyphs up Rock Creek. Very cool. River!!! Another great camp at Three Canyon.
Sunrise over the water, day 5 (?) Sexy oar goddess. IMG 7103 Epic. Classic river hair! Ohhhhhh. Crazy scramble, tired Eric. Ommmmm shanti.
Nice set eh? Three fords rapid, pretty washed out. She's a natural... IMG 7396 IMG 7409 The rare and exotic freshwater pink dolphin in her natural habitat. :) IMG 7443 IMG 7451
Eric: 231  Samantha: 219 Awesome hammock spot. Jake the man. Sunset. Storm goddess. Rainbow #2 IMG 7631 IMG 7651
Hey buddy! Sunrise on the final day. IMG 8092 IMG 8098 The takeout.  Booooo.