Wilson Creek - March 21, 2014

One of the most beautiful canyons in the world.
The beginning of the narrows in Wilson.  Such amazing rock. The one and only photo taken on the hike in.  Quite the horrible aproach to this canyon. The first drop, a short 5 meter abseil. Looking back up as Shane comes down. Wider shot of a wonderful room. Shane in all his shaneness. IMG 8126sm Wow.
Next drop as the canyon deepens. Did I mention I love Schist? IMG 8191sm Did I mention I love this canyon? The canyon darkens. IMG 8230sm IMG 8242sm Incredible.
So narrow and dark. Ross! Hard to describe this place. Great lighting. IMG 8314sm IMG 8316sm A bit of a sketchy jump, but a good one. Looking back up at the same drop, a ~8 meter jump.
Getting real dark. IMG 8363sm Definitely my favorite shot of the trip. UP IMG 8395sm IMG 8402sm Good god. My lens begins to fog up.
Still got a few shots in at the end. IMG 8467sm And then it goes to shit.  Luckily, this was right at the end.  One epic canyon.