Imp Grotto Creek - March 12, 2014

Short but beautiful slot canyon in the Haaaaaast...
The final plunge in Imp Grotto, classic. Road to freedom. IMG 6710sm Very steep hike up. IMG 6765sm But beautiful. A great sneak peak into the canyon. Drop 1, a 10 meter jump.
Ross enjoying the view. IMG 6826sm Andrew doing the honors. Short drop leading up to the next big fall. IMG 6897sm A bit of sketchy traverse out to the bolt station. Andrew doing the honors once again. Quie the precarious view.
Damn. Love it. The heart of the Grotto. Rope pull. Swimming further down the canyon. Nice hallway. Fantastic lighting. IMG 7109sm
The final abseil, a 30 meter plunge. IMG 7158sm IMG 7235sm And the final drop, a bit of a sketchy slide. Andrew doing the honors once more. IMG 7264sm IMG 7293sm Done.