Waimanu Valley - June 20, 2013

The valley of valleys. About as migical as it gets in Hawaii. 5 days, 4 nights of awesome.
Waipio Valley in all its green glory. Had to put this in the album.  Gorgeous stars atop Mauna Kea. Krystal and Tyler packing the night before.  We would soon realize we had way, way too much food. Down into the valley. After 50 yards, your first task of the trip: get your feet wet.  Lame. Tyler messing around with some long exposure lighting effects. Summer solstice moon. Another one.
First view of Waimanu. Yup, pretty magical place. Nice beach too. Weather greets us shortly. The great smouldering log of site 5. Rainbow time in Waimanu.  Extra magic. Big waterfall on our day hike. Scale.
Gwyn and Krystal, two lovely ladies. We wander up to our next destination. Gwyn and another awesome waterfall. Rambo Tyler. Kyle, whiskey, and a rifle. Oh, and a 600 foot waterfall too.  5 of them. Gorgeous sunset over the beach. New favorite backcountry tool: the Steripen.  UV water filter.  More magic.
Waimanu, I love thee. New awesome tent of mine. Pretty much the best black sand beach on the island. Team Blue Toe claims another victim. Hike out amongst the walking trees. Ferny. Another fantastic sunset greets us on the hike out. Scary wrapped in beautiful
TEAM BLUE TOE Sprucy. IMG 0915 Nice pool. Walking on water... The lovely Krystal. Looking down the coast as we approach Waipio Valley. Looking down into Waipio, beautiful sight.
The remnants of Team Blue Toe at the top of the hill from hell.