Umauma Creek - June 1, 2013

Jump, swim, skip, hop, etc.
Approach thru the Eucalyptus groves. Not pouring rain in Hilo, going to be a nice day! Umauma Creek is our route today, a beautiful creek but never gets very narrow. Traditional trailhead photo. Loooooove the eucalyptus groves. After rigging two short bushy rappels we reach the creek bottom. Gorgeous day out. Jump!
Seeps out of the wall, springs everywhere. Very cool feature, the creek disappears and goes thru a tube briefly. This dude wanted absolutely nothing to do with me, but managed to snap a photo of him. Exiting the tube. Joe on some real big water. Getting pounded by a waterfall, possibly the funnest activity ever. Typical anchor. Gorgeous drop and a beautiful day.
Looking back up our first rappel in the creek. Downcanyon. IMG 8138 Two more drops in quick succession are downclimbed. Waterfalls everywhere on this route. Anchor for the next drop. Lovely 70 foot plunge. Yup.
The next and final drop, number 3, a scary chute. Luckily it is avoided by the undercut cave below. Wow. Having fun I guess. IMG 8712 We take it to the sea. The trio for the day.