Maulua Gulch - June 21, 2015

Long, loooong day in Maulua once again.
Drop 2 of the main narrows. Early morning approach. A surprising descent down Maulua's North Fork yielded a steep creek with 4 drops in it up to 65 feet. Anna rigging drop 3 of the main narrows. Tyler on the same drop. Drop 4 of the main narrows. Rope madness. Anna riggin the biggest drop of the route, a 180 footer.  In totoal, drop 12 of the route.
Tyler on the floss. Beautiful spot. Tyler shaka. Krystal glad to be down. The heart of the canyon. Final drop of the canyon, a 70 footer.  Drop 13. Anna packing up the bags before the horrible boulder hopping buschwhacking sufferfesting hike out.