Kame'e Creek - June 9, 2013

One of the last promising routes left on the Hamakua Coast delivers.
Tyler doing the honors on the final drop out of Kame'e Creek, pure madness. Waterfall just upstream of our drop in point. Drop 1 comes up quickly. Tyler doing some acrobatics on the first rappel. Drop 2, 60 feet, beautiful day out once again. Creek wandering for an hour or so. Petering on the edge of the next drop, two waterfalls come in immediate succesion. Joe at the bottom of the first tier, really cool spot.
Joe heading down the second tier, a sunny and wide 80 footer. Some great waterfalls up there. Tyler on the same tier. More creek rambling as the walls close in briefly. Next drop comes up eventually as the creek gets steep as it tumbles towards Hakalau. Drop 4, short but nice. Mountain apple blossoms. This lens gets pretty sharp sometimes!
Anchor for the final plunge.  Who woulda thought neon green webbing would blend in so well? Madness down there. Joe on the fantastic final plunge out of Kame'e Creek. Beautiful place. We push towards our exit. Kame'e Creek joins Hakalau Creek. More creek brambling. Blue Trumpet Vine, aka Bengal Trumpet.
Beaaaauutttiful day. Yup.