Moulin De Roubion - May 15th, 2014

Always love rappeling through holes.
French people: redifining the idea of a room with a view. First water.  brrrrrrrr Clasic French village in route to the trailhead. Ha.  Cold, cold morning. moulin-de-roubion-3 The hole arch thing.  200 feet down an awesome waterfall. Ben rigging the handline. Ben doing the honors.
The big drop in Riolan. Interesting narrows. Whitewater. Big water. Great travertine falls. moulin-de-roubion-15 Next drop, a gnarly 100 footer. Gus on the same drop.
View as we trudge back up the road to our car. Another awesome village. Final shot of Gustavo. The hole as seen from the road and the 200mm lens. Franch Alps are awesome.