Le Ruisant - May 10th, 2014

More of a flowing crack that drops off a 130 meter cliff than a canyon...epic times regardless.
Gustavo on the top of the second pitch, 100 meters (300 feet) off the deck at this point. Frenchy. First drop into Le Ruisant, an open but beautiful canyon. IMG 0840sm Drop 2, another nice but open drop. IMG 0860sm Next drop into a nice chute. Rigging.
Nice drop. Shit gets serious.  Ben atop the first pitch of the 130 meter (390 foot) fall. Nice view. Gus near the bottom of the second stage. Epic selfies. The entirety of Le Ruisant from the bottom, Ben and Gus can be seen atop the final pitch for scale. Epic. Great team shot at the bottom.
A few more drops before we are finished. Nice 40 meter drop. Final sloping rappel. IMG 1137sm Limestone is awesome. IMG 1149sm Flowers are awesome. Gustavo, the Italian legend.
Ben, the sexy bleeding Frenchman. Le Ruisant as seen through the 200mm lens.