Gorges Du Haut Chassezac - May 9th, 2014

Welcome to France....mmmmmm...
Ben, our slightly crazy French driver, guide, and translator. Gustavo, one of the partners in crime for the next 9 days. Chruches, churches, everywhere. And castles. IMG 0309sm Very old village made out of stone. Pretty flowers. Gearing up at the start of the canyon.
First water. IMG 0661sm Love the lighting. One of the many waterfalls. Gus throwing down on a rather large jump. Beautiful. Gus in deep and wet contemplation. Stuck between a rock and a Frenchman.
Appraching the siphon, the main attraction of Chassezac. Gus stemming past the siphon. IMG 0689sm Lower narrows. Lowrr Narrows, quite nice. IMG 0769sm Wide angle action. Not too shabby.
View of the canyon on the hike out.