Clue De La Maglia - May 13th, 2014

One of the best canyons in the world. Oh, and happy birthday to me!
Classic shot. Into Italy for this venture. Yea, castles ar e pretty cool. Wake up Gus! We find Clue De La Maglia in high water mode. Technical. Definitely quite the current in this canyon. Beautiful lighting.
The Buchy slide. One of about a million jumps. Swiftwater. Ben entering The Crack of Shitty Things. Looking up The Crack of Shitty Things. More whitewater. clue-de-la-maglia-15 Narrows.
Crazy water, eh? Yup. Entering the Grotto of Maglia. clue-de-la-maglia-20 So cool. The 6D at ISO 10,000 and 1/4 shutter...really not too bad. Scariest thing Ive done in a long time.  La Maglia goes underground for a bit.  Gus emerging. More of the same.
clue-de-la-maglia-25 clue-de-la-maglia-26 Great jumps. Beautiful. beautiful. Technical rope work. Getting real wet. Amazing. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm
Lower Maglia, such a crazy place. Great lighting. clue-de-la-maglia-35 Final shot before the lighting and rain started, and the camera put away.